Ravage Wikia

Ravage is a mod framework. It's designed to work with other maps, mods and add-ons. This page contains a list of all the mods that have been tried out so far and how well they work. If you have tried something that isn't listed here, please add it to the page.

Incompatible mods[]

Incognito - Partially works, but prevents AI units from seeing you at all.

ALiVE - Does work, but be aware that Ravage uses a different Faction system.

ACE3 - Be aware that ACE is focussed on Multiplayer. It will most likely cause issues with saves if used in SP. The ACE medical system also relies on "Lethal" body shots, which zombies cannot perform. Using ACE will make you unkillable by any zombies.

Compatible mods[]

EDN Fortification MOD - works, with no known problems.

Improved Fatigue System - works flawlessly.

Blood Mist - works flawlessly

Automated doors - Sick of using the action wheel to open all those doors? Then this is for you - works very well.

Bigger Trunks - Perfect for stashing all those empty cans.

Fully supported mods (as of 0.1.35)[]

RHS Escalation - US and Russian Federation units

Massi's Weapon Pack - NATO Special Forces and Russian Spetznaz weapons

HLC AK Pack - Kalashnikov family of weapons

WarfareThai - Thai armed forces

TRYK uniforms - large selection of uniforms and outfits

Niko USA uniforms - huge pack of US uniforms

RDS a2port - Civilian vehicles and equipment

Craig SP pack - This pack contains flags, hats, goggles, backpack, plate carrier and tattoo skins

Sigma6's Birds & Bees - Selection of American muscle cars

Dawn of the Dead - Zombie skins (much better than the default ones)

AiA TP and CUP Terrains - Adds all the ArmA 2 landscapes to ArmA 3