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Updated on Sunday the 10th of October 2021

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Merged RVG Apex with Ravage Mod (Ravage Apex is no longer needed and will be removed from the WS).

Disabled Crickets Soundsets.

Disabled one very annoying Birds Soundset.

Default variables for the GearPool module are now consistent with the default parameters.


Zed attacks no longer make bullet flyby sounds.

Zed reaction to gunshots function now runs where zed is local.

Potential fix for Loot Search action slowing down over time.

Quick fix for goggles showing up on zombies.

Zombies no longer use the SOG Prairie Fire "Death Scream".


Added GearPool support for SOG Prairie Fire CDLC.

Zeds can now hit and push vehicles around.

Curious zeds can now follow their more agitated buddies if they have nothing better to do.

Added 3 new NVGs.

Added support for Water Buffalos.

Replaced the old Android skins with LordFrith's textures.*